Friday, October 12, 2007

Now THAT'S Entertainment

It is I, the lovely and talented C-3P0, for the triumphant return of C! Cybertainment Holovision, bringing you the freshest unfound truths of the galaxy.

And have we got a dish in this ish! It seems that there may be the pitter patter of little feet (Jawas and Ugnaughts need not apply) for the Galactic Senate's most beautiful and alluring senator, Mistress Padme Amidala!

We have a first hand, second rate report from Snuggpuggla Gagmag, a Gamorrean clerk at the Younglings-R-Us, at the Coruscanti Mall.

"She, and all her giggly preppie little clones, were looking at baby clothes and sighing a lot. She's so thin, she won't need maternity clothes. She could just do with a pair sweats. I hope she has twins and gets really fat."

Well wishers already! Well, we at C! (Cybertainment Holovision) hope that the rumours are true, as would make for a wonderful story!

Another great, never fact-checked, dish about the Maker himself, Knight Anakin Skywalker. It seems that local Jedi Temple staff have seen the young Knight munching on the new brands of Palpatines snacks, which, as you know, are forbidden to any Jedi. The council have ruled that these salty snacks are filled with preservatives, trans-fatty acids, and dark matter.

When questioned about this delightfully dark bit of rule-breaking, Master Yoda had this to say; "Out of my way, you will move, shiny droid. Nothing I have to say to you about Knight Anakin's deceptions or the fact that, grounded him we have. Without allowance. Hmmf. Spoiled his dinner he did."

Knight Skywalker is grounded? What a heavy handed punishment. We at C! (Cybertainment Holovision) certainly hope that this does not breed any discontentment in the Maker, but we do hope that there are a string of exciting events following this story for us to bring to you, our ravenous fans!

Lastly, we bring you breaking real legitimate actual news on the kidnapping of Chancellor Palpatine.

He was taken from his boring abode in the skyline of Coruscant, by a certain self-imposed Count of Sorenno (which no-one calls him), Jard Thelonius Buckminster Dooku, formerly of the Jedi Order, and now self-imposed Darth Tyrannus (which no-one calls him) is holding the doddering old man hostage.

It seems there is some bad blood between the two, since Dooku traded off his entire food empire for... Goodness, I cannot be processing this correctly. I must be malfunctioning. It says here that Dooku traded it all for a yo-yo.

That's just silly. Far too silly for my wonderful reports. We here at C! (Cybertainment Holovision) will actually have to fact-check that bit of information. It was brought to us by a certain R2-D2, and I know for certain that he is just a miss-wired pile of scrap. He keeps leaving his dirty towels in the botroom floor every morning.

Thanks for reading and keep making saucy news, celebs, so I can keep bringing the scoop to my fabulous fans!

(Written by Rebecca)


Master Yoda said...

For the hourly Britney Spears update, I am waiting. After the commercial break will it be?

What trouble she has gotten into today, I must know!

A Army Of (Cl)One said...

Yeah, I wanded an A-Fed update? Does he get the kids or what?

And what about Rosie the Hutt? Has she ripped on Donald Womp Rat again?

And is it ture that Senator Mon Montha is seeing Padd Bitt?

and is 3C-P0 dray?

Master Yoda said...

And what news about our favorite couple "Padikan" also known as "Animé", is there?

Going to adopt those younglings from Planet Africa, are they?

Skywalker said...

"Knight Skywalker is grounded."

I was???


Dark Jedi Kriss said...

"He keeps leaving his dirty towels in the botroom floor every morning."


Anonymous said...

I would like to know more about that as well Tak...

Fluke Starbucker said...

DANG! WHere'd he get that yo-yo?

That's the VERY top hat model I've been looking for!

Durn you, Dooku! Durn you to HECK!

TX said...
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TX said...

Interesting, how do I get a yearly subscription?

Far better than

The Imperial where Imperial Minds want to know

Dr KS Basil - PhD (Cybernetic Robotic research)

SHI said...

You know it would be cool to get the stuff on our favorite clone